Yes, missionaries and their families go to literally hundreds of churches and they do make many friends along the way.  But how many friends do the missionaries have that have stuck with them for four, eight, twelve years or more?  Yet we find that the missionaries that stay on the mission fields, usually have some very special and dear friends that have stuck with them along the way.

Friends that really know about what the missionaries are going through on their field of service.

Friends that pray with them and look to the Lord for His provision, then rejoice together with them.

 Friends that communicate and try to keep in touch, looking for more information than the missionary can even put in their prayer letters.

To become this kind of a friend starts by the first handshake, the first letter or email, then continues to grow and become stronger over the years.  You might be the encouragement that helps some missionary family to faithfully stay on their field of service.  


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