Sharing with the Missionaries


Here I am going to give you some ideas of different things you can do and we would love to hear from you and know of things you are doing to help your missionaries.

It seems the days of sharing you home with a missionary family during your home churches annual missions conference, is mostly a thing of the past.  If you ask someone in your church that has done it before, they will tell you how much they were able to get aquainted with the missionary family.  Often that friendship will carry on for many years.  It is really hard to get to know a missionary by shaking their hands in one service.

Share a meal with them.  Either at your home or by taking the missionary family to a resturant and having that special time of fellowship.

If your church has special meals for the missionaries at the church before or after the services, ask if you can be involved and can bring food and share in the fellowship.

The more we get to know the missionary family, the better we can remember them and pray for them in the days ahead.

Here are some pretty radical ideas I have had for years.

Share your magazines with a missionary family.  What if you found out that a missionary, his wife, or their children, liked the same magizine that you subcribed to.  What if when your new magazine arrived, you mailed the old edition to a missionary family on the field.  I know a lot of missionaries that would enjoy them, even if they are a month or two old.  Usually they just end up cluttering our house until we through them away.  Sure there would be a hefty postage going to some countries, but the enjoyment the missionaires got from them would far outweigh the cost.  Again, be sure that it is a magazine that a perticular missionary family enjoy.

Do you have way to many toys in your house?  Maybe you could pick out some good ones to send to a missionary family.

Hey guys, did you get a new drill or other hand tool and the old one is still working well?  How about giving the old tools to a missionary?



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