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Prayer - No doubt prayer is truly what we need more than any single thing.  I am talking about real, intercessory prayer that reaches the heart of God and around the world.  To pray like this we need to know what we are praying about, and why.  

Begin by getting informed about missionaries, mission fields, and the real needs of today.  For example, we know that we need to pray for souls to be saved, for safty for the missionaries, and that God would supply their needs.  But what are missionaries going through right now?  We do they need us to pray about and what are the needs that need to be supplied?  The only way to know is by being in contact with the missionaries.  Begin by reading their prayer letters.  Find the ones that have websites and read and learn all you can about their ministries.  Contact them and let them know you are praying for them and ask about any other needs.  As you pray, are there things that you can do to help meet the needs?  Rejoice with the missionaries, with your family, and with your home church as God answers your prayers.

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