Field Director for Mexico 


While on our last furlough, in 2004, my wife Sherry had to have a hysterectomy. What was supposed to be a three-day hospital stay, turned into a twenty-day hospital stay. Sherry was very sick and recovering very poorly. Literally thousands of prayers were sent up daily for Sherry. During all this time, the doctors found Sherry had some massive blood clots and after doing tests, found she has two hereditary blood clotting factors. The day the doctors told us we couldn't move back to Mexico or any third world country came as quite a shock to us. Little did we know that the Lord was already opening the door for us to become the Field director for Mexico and to help work from the Home Office. 


It has been a joy to serve the Lord in this new capacity. I have been able to make several trips to be with all of our missionaries but one, and they are on deputation. We have had some good meetings and been able to encourage and help our missionaries in Mexico. Sherry hasn't been able to go with me on every trip, but has gone three times. Her health is doing well, but she does have to have her blood checked every thirty days. The main reason she isn't able to go with me on every trip is due to the price of tickets. 


Thank you for your prayers for us and we desire to let the Lord use our lives to be a help to your missionaries. Working out of the Home Office of Macedonia allows us to be of help to many of our Macedonia missionaries. 


Later, I will put some testimonials from our missionaries.

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